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Sports Hall Athletics Finals

On Thursday the 23rd of November our school represented in the finals along with St Peters, Harlands, Windmills and Holy trinity. Year 5/6 participated in the competition and did super well as a team and everyone was super supportive.


There were separate races for the girls and boys. There were also track events which were separate as well. Starting with the obstacle race we came 5th, for the 1+1 relay we came 1st, for the 2+2 relay we came 5th. Also, with the 6 lap we came 3rd, the over and under relay we were 4th and last but not least with the 4x4 relay we came 5th. However the girls still did amazing as well as the boys and their scores looked like this: First the starting race (obstacle relay) we came 4th, for the 1+1 relay we came 2nd, next we had 2+2 relay and we came 1st! Again on the 6 laps we came 1st! With the over and under relay we came 5th and for the last one 4x4 relay we came 1st. There were also field events which we did really well in but we don't know how we did. Overall everyone did amazing and anyone who participated should be really proud of themselves. It is an amazing achievement just to do it! There were other schools competing on different days as well and overall out of all the mid sussex schools we came 7th!!!! If your child would like to take part next year in the Sports Hall Athletics and will be in year 5/6 next year then they are more then welcome to try out!


This is an amazing achievement which (I should think you are very proud of) and of course what matters the most was great fun! Everyone was amazing and tried their best!


By Isla