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Mrs Emily Deadman is our Inclusion Manager.

I work with children and staff across the school to identify needs, ensure that pupils are supported where necessary and that these interventions are effective. If you have any concerns about your child please speak to their class teacher. If you are still concerned then please make an appointment with me via the school office on 01342 322905 of by email to

In this section you will find information on Special educational Needs and information for parents/carers to support their child. You will also find information about the West Sussex Local Offer.


Mrs Maria Ody leads our Nuture Group.

This runs every morning and has been established to support children who may be having difficulties with transition in to school in the morning and/or attendance. A range of activities take place during the morning - these are chosen by the children. Activities have included origami, artwork, a Snakes and Ladders competition (watch out for Mrs Ody!) and bench ball. Have a look at some of our activities.


Mrs Ody is also our Learning Mentor.

She works with children, across the school, to help them remove barriers that may be affecting their learning. These could include: friendship, self esteem, anger management. She also works with small groups of children during transition times - both within the school and supporting children moving on to secondary school.


EAL (English as an additional language)