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Sporting Events

Sports Hall Athletics


On Tuesday 14th November The Meads took part in the East Grinstead Sports hall Athletics Competition at Sackville school

We had 12 races and won 7, we didn’t come last in anything!

Everyone was super supportive, even when we didn’t win and overall it was super fun.

The schools we competed against were Estcots, Felbridge, Ashurst Wood and Blackwell. The first event was an obstacle relay, which started at 4pm and the last, was a relay race which finished at 6pm.

Everyone was super hyped up to find out who had won …….. and we won ! That means there is a possibility that we will represent East Grinstead in the finals against Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath schools on 24th November.The field events were super fun to do with your friends, from javelin throwing to speed bounce, there were plenty of activities for everyone. Next year you could try out if you are in year 5 or 6.


By Sienna and Isla



Girls' Football Match Wednesday 1st November 2023


On Wednesday 1st November, we played 3 matches, against Blackwell, St Mary's and Copthorne. We won 2 games but lost 1. We beat Blackwell 2-0 and Copthorne 4-2 but lost against St Mary's, hopefully we will beat them next time.

At the moment our top scores are Sienna and Isla. If any of the current year 4/5s want to try out for the football team next year. They can.


By Sienna and Isla




East Grinstead Schools Football Competition Finals


A selection of year 5/6 children went along to the football finals competition at East Grinstead Sports Club on 11th October. All the children worked so well together as a team, showed excellent resilience and sportsmanship. The girls team came 4th overall and the boys team came 3rd overall. All the children represented The Meads brilliantly, well done to all the children involved!



The Boys Team


We went up against 8 different schools in this tournament.

First we went up against Copthorne school, which was a really exciting game with defenders who were amazing. By using them a lot, after a 10 minute game we ended up with a final equivalent score of 0-0.

The next match came sooner than expected, with us up against Ashurst Wood. With our amazing co-operation, we won 1-0, leading the whole game through.

With our next game, which was Crawley Down, we showed very good resilience but unfortunately lost 2-0.

Our 4th game was against St Mary's, with our luck not very high, we sadly lost the 2-0.

Our luck beamed up with our fortunate win against Estcots, ending in a sensational score of 2-1.

With our next match against St Peter's and all of our brilliant players working together, we were able to complete this fantastic game, resulting in a 2-1 win.

With our final game approaching and all of our players being very tired, we gave it all we could. We ended up with the incredible score of 2-0 against Felbridge and deserved this win a lot.

By the end of the tournament, Freddie, our striker was the top goal scorer over all.

After a long day we were told  that we had come 3rd out of all the schools that had participated.

Well done to everyone that took part.


By Santi and Thomas






Netball Festival- 4th October 2023


When we got there, we had 10 minutes for each session. We started playing ‘Angel’. You have to try and score when someone runs around the court. It was a good warm up and got our blood pumping.

I was Goal Keeper in the first match. I was able to practice chest passes, throwing overhead or tucking one hand behind my ear before passing the ball.

I played centre next. The centre starts in the middle but cannot go in the D.






Cross Country – Sunday 8th October 2023




On 8th October, 16 children from years 4 - 6 came along to East Court to represent The Meads in the Cross Country event. All the children did an amazing job and they all showed excellent perseverance to not give up and resilience when it became challenging.  The Meads came 4th overall in the girl’s race and a couple of children received a medal and a trophy for coming 3rd overall.