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Challenge Ambition Community Resilience



At The Meads Primary School, our aim is to provide a child-centred P.E. curriculum that engages, motivates and challenges EVERY CHILD, so they are able to lead a healthy and active life.  All children will be supported to develop the key abilities they need in order to achieve their full potential in P.E. Our P.E. curriculum is designed to be enjoyable but also to embed the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills needed to succeed in PE and sport, with its benefits across the whole curriculum. 

We aim to provide the children with a fun and exciting P.E. curriculum, which develops positive attitudes towards building self-esteem and cooperative learning.  During their time at The Meads EVERY CHILD is given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. 

In addition, we aim to provide each child with a wide variety of sporting opportunities, clubs and competitions throughout their school life at The Meads.