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East Grinstead Sports Hall Athletics Competition

On Tuesday 14th November The Meads took part in the East Grinstead Sports hall Athletics Competition at Sackville school

We had 12 races and won 7, we didn’t come last in anything!

Everyone was super supportive, even when we didn’t win and overall it was super fun.

The schools we competed against were Estcots, Felbridge, Ashurst Wood and Blackwell. The first event was an obstacle relay, which started at 4pm and the last, was a relay race which finished at 6pm.

Everyone was super hyped up to find out who had won …….. and we won ! That means there is a possibility that we will represent East Grinstead in the finals against Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath schools on 24th November.The field events were super fun to do with your friends, from javelin throwing to speed bounce, there were plenty of activities for everyone. Next year you could try out if you are in year 5 or 6.


By Sienna and Isla