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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Class teachers Mrs Eveleigh, Mrs Brown and Mrs Bryant.









Welcome to the Juniors!  We hope that this pack will provide you with information about the changes your child may come across in year 3. Your child will be a member of a team where teachers work and plan together and all children are valued.

The staff in year 3 aim to be as accessible as possible.  Please feel free to pop in if you have a quick question or query.  Alternatively you may make an appointment if you require a little more time to talk to a member of staff.


The Staff

The teachers in the year 3 team are: Mrs Bryant, Mrs Eveleigh and Mrs Brown. The year group is supported by Mrs Giles and Ms Goody. 




In the Juniors, children can come into school at 8.50am.  The doors at the side of the Junior building will be opened at this time so that the children can get themselves ready for the start of the day.  There will be an activity set up in the classrooms for children to complete when they arrive.  The register will still be taken at 9.00am.  Children are encouraged to come in independently and organise themselves.  An adult will be available at the doors if an urgent message needs to be given to any of the teachers.

At the end of break and lunch times, the children line up in classes on the playground. All the teachers come out to collect their classes so your child will be able to see where their line is.


School finishes at 3:25pm.  To encourage independence, we allow the children to exit from the back doors of the classrooms.  Each teacher waits until she knows that their pupils have been collected.  The children are taught that if their parent/guardian is not on the playground they are to wait with their teacher until the adult collecting them appears.

We would ask parents to wait at the perimeter of the playground or outside the school gate and to keep small children by your side.



In year 3, lunchtime is from 12:15 until 1:15pm.  Junior children eat their lunch in the school hall and table manners and healthy eating habits are encouraged.  Children are to give the lunchtime staff the same respect they give the teachers. 

Looking good!

There are no changes in uniform for the juniors.  Our uniform is:

Black shoes/trainers

Black/grey trousers or skirt    

White polo shirt

Red jumper

Fleece – for outerwear as a jacket NOT as a replacement of the jumper.

No jewellery – except for one pair of studded earrings.


*Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


PE Kit

All children are expected to have a full change of clothes for PE lessons, which should be kept together in their PE bag.

Their PE kit should include:

A plain white t-shirt

Red shorts/PE skirt

Plimsolls/PE trainers.

When it is cold, the children may be outside for PE more than they are used to in the infants, therefore a plain black or navy track suit (with no large logos) is a useful addition to their kit.


We will let the children know on which days they have PE and would appreciate your support in helping the children to remember these days and have the appropriate change of clothes.

For safety reasons children must remove all jewellery for PE, including earrings as due to West Sussex regulations they may not be taped unless they are a new piercing.


If a child forgets their PE kit three times in a half term, a letter will be sent home.


Pencil Cases

We understand that children like to be equipped for school, but please ensure that pencil cases are labelled and small enough for children to fit in to their class tray.



Every week your child will be given a Maths activity to complete, to support and reinforce their learning. This should be completed in pencil in their Maths home challenge book. Each week, your child will also be given a Literacy activity to complete. This will be spellings or a task linked to their learning in school and should be completed in their English homework book.  



As in KS1, reading in KS2 remains a very important part of your child’s education and we expect the children to read at least four times a week at home.  Your support in encouraging your child to read at home is very much valued by the junior teachers.  As the children become more experienced readers, it is important that they discuss the books they read.  The children will continue to have a reading diary and we encourage you to comment on your child’s reading and progress.  Your child may also like to make comments about a book they have read or the discussions you have had.  Any notes about other matters should be written separately and given to your child to hand to the teacher directly.

As well as the children reading at home, we also have regular timetabled sessions of guided reading and independent reading in school.  Children are be encouraged to change their books independently but their choices will be monitored to ensure that there is progression.




During Year 3, all children will be given the opportunity to have swimming lessons at the Kings Centre as part of the PE curriculum. In order to optimise group sizes and learning time, half the year group will swim in the Autumn term and the other half in the Summer term.



Behaviour and sanctions

In line with our Behaviour Policy, all children are actively encouraged to make appropriate choices about their behaviour and to perform to the best of their ability in all areas of the curriculum.  As infants, the children were used to the ‘decision cloud’ where they are given time to consider whether they could modify any poor behaviour.  Once a ‘good’ decision is made the child returns to the sunshine.  Similar systems apply in the junior department which you will become familiar with.  If children make poor choices they will be reminded of the rules.  If they continue to make poor choices set sanctions are the result, to help the children reflect on the choices they have made.

Year 3 children will be introduced to any changes in systems gradually and we will always endeavour to discuss any concerns about behaviour with you so that we can work together to help your child move on.  



Team Points

As in the infants children are split into four colour teams.  They work together to collect as many team points as possible.   Team points continue to be awarded for good work and good behaviour.



When the class works well together, they are awarded pebbles.  When the class has collected the required number of pebbles they are rewarded with a ‘Pebble Party’.


Individual awards

Every Friday, two children from each class are awarded with a ‘Stars’ certificate and medal in assembly in front of the rest of the school. One award is given to a ‘Star Learner’ and another is given to a ‘Global Citizen’ (a child who follows the class charter and shows a kind and a positive attitude). Please ensure that medals are returned to school the following Thursday to be awarded to the next children.


We realise change can cause some anxiety but change is also exciting and an opportunity to broaden one’s horizons. The transition into KS2 is part of your child’s learning journey and our aim is to make that a positive and happy experience. Your child will gradually be steered towards greater responsibility and independence as he/she moves through the school, enabling them to embrace the challenges that they may meet in the future.