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Girls' Football Tournament

On the 3rd of November, The Meads Primary School girls’ football team went to a football tournament, in the morning, to go against ten different schools in East Grinstead. My name is Mabel and I was the captain of the team. I am going to tell you about our experience.  

We went to the East Grinstead Sports Club to play the tournament. We had four twelve minute matches. Our first match we played St Peters Primary School and we drew 0-0. 

Then we had a 12 minute break because we had no matches at that time. Our second match we were against Blackwell Primary School and we won 1-0! That made us very happy.  

In our third match we were against Ashurst Wood Primary School. We won again 2-0! That put a huge smile on our faces!  

The last match was against St Mary primary school. Again we worked hard but it was another drew 0-0. That was our matches. We enjoyed it so much!  

I would like to say thank you to the teachers Miss Clark who came to all our training sessions and helped us improve which left us in second place out of 5 schools! WOW!!  


By Mabel